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ESSER Information

Data shows that the pandemic has had a significant impact on student learning, both across the country and in Miami ISD. The American Rescue Plan was signed into law in March and included $122 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds for school districts across the country, which is the single largest investment in federal elementary and secondary education in the nation’s history. Miami ISD is applying to receive some of that additional funding.


General grant specifics are as follows:

  • Grant Timeframe: Grant expires September 30, 2023. If needed, districts can carry over unused funds and be allowed to continue spending until September 30, 2024.
  • Districts will be required to follow all federal, state, and local regulations and requirements for federal grant administration and fiscal spending of funds.

ARP ESSER III Purpose: Grant funds should be used to respond to the pandemic and to address student learning loss as a result of COVID 19.  Miami ISD will be taking feedback from all of our educational stakeholders (parents/community, students, parents, teachers/staff and school/district/board leadership) to create our ESSER III Plan.


Miami ISD Tentative Plan for ARP ESSER III Funding:

Over the next four summers and three full fiscal years, the District will use the ESSER III federal funds to address student learning recovery and the ongoing impact of the pandemic using four major strategies:


  • Teacher Support
  • Rigorous instructional materials
  • Social and Emotional Health
  • Empowering parents


Public Notification and Comments

All parents, district employees, students and community members are urged to complete the survey that was sent via Parent Square and posted on the District’s website to help the district determine what to prioritize with the potential ESSER funds. School districts are limited as to how we can use our ESSER funds to address issues that have risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Planning Committee met on June 22, 2021 to review survey results and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees during the July 19, 2021 meeting.  The public was allowed to provide feedback and comment during the meeting.